Keystone Americana 8mm & Bauer Electric 8mm with some acessories

Over the weekend I stopped by a garage sale in Norman. The prices of the items were dirt cheap as the owner of the home was trying to get rid of everything to sell their home. The were a lot of cool vintage items that were in great condition. The cameras caught my eye (as cameras always do when I go to thrift shops/garage sales) and I was told it’s $5 for one camera or $8 for both with the suitcase they were held in. Soo of course I got them both and a cute suitcase to boot! The cameras were in what I assume is their original Styrofoam casing.

Keystone Americana 8mm camera

Bauer electric 8mm camera
Bauer electric 8mm camera logo
Cool vintage boxes i found int he suitcase with the cameras

Unfortunately, I don’t have film for them yet but they’re in good condition and I’m happy to add them to my collection. Hopefully, I can find a manual on the cameras so I know more about them and how to use them.


October 4, 2017

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